GLIDEWIRE® Gold Hydrophilic Coated Guidewire

Product Overview


Direct your most demanding procedures with the GLIDEWIRE® Gold Guidewire. GLIDEWIRE® Gold Guidewire design incorporates a 1 mm gold band at the distal tip to provide the enhanced visibility you need when accessing small vessels.

Glidewire-Gold-Hydrophilic-Coating Graphics

Tailor your approach to procedural needs with a variety of GLIDEWIRE® Gold Guidewire options:

  • 3 cm or 5 cm distal taper
  • 45° or 70° angle
  • 180 cm or 300 cm total lengths

*When compared to ZIPwire™, HiWire®, AQUATRACK®, and Laureate®.


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RX ONLY. Refer to the product labels and package insert for complete warnings, potential complications, and instructions for use.

GLIDEWIRE® Gold Guidewire

Product Code Diameter Total Length Flexible Tip Length Radiopaque Length Tip Shape
GM1811 0.018" 180cm 3cm 1mm 45° Angle
GM1813 0.018" 180cm 3cm 1mm 70° Angle
GM1812 0.018" 180cm 5cm 1mm 45° Angle
GM1814 0.018" 180cm 5cm 1mm 70° Angle
GM1831 0.018" 300cm  3cm 1mm 45° Angle
GM1832 0.018" 300cm  3cm 1mm 70° Angle
GM1833 0.018" 300cm  5cm 1mm 45° Angle
GM1834 0.018" 300cm  5cm 1mm 70° Angle