AZUR HydroPack™ Peripheral Coil System


For endovascular embolization, AZUR HydroPack gives you the softness you want, with the reliable and long-lasting occlusion you expect from AZUR Hydrogel coils.

Without the need to size the vessel diameter, HydroPack Coil can be used in a variety of vessel sizes in the peripheral vasculature given prior placement of an anchor or framing coil.1

A New AZUR Treatment Algorithm2

AZUR HydroPack coil is designed to fill volume behind AZUR CX coil for vessel occlusion, and inside of the AZUR Framing Coil for aneurysm occlusion.1


  • The diameter of the first coil should never be less than the width of the diameter of the vessel
           ◦ A first coil of appropriate diameter is required to begin
  • Utilize HydroPack for tight packing behind previously placed coil(s)


Image of Hydropack coil in a vessel


  • The diameter of the first coil should never be less than the width of the aneurysm neck
            ◦ Initial coil(s) of appropriate diameter required to begin
  • Fill space with volumetrically efficient coils sizing down as less space is available
  • Utilize HydroPack to find open space within the aneurysmal sac


Image of Hydropack in an aneurysm


Order Code Description Length Microcatheter Compatibility*  Softness Hydrogel
Progreat 2.4Fr Progreat 2.8Fr
45-880005 AZUR HydroPack 18 5cm 5cm
45-880010 AZUR HydroPack 18 10cm 10cm
45-880020 AZUR HydroPack 18 20cm 20cm
45-880035 AZUR HydroPack 18 35cm 35cm
45-880050 AZUR HydroPack 18 50cm 50cm
45-880060 AZUR HydroPack 18 60cm 60cm
*AZUR HydroPack is compatible with microcatheters ranging from 0.021" - 0.027" I.D.


AZUR HydroPack Brochure
Embolization Pocket Guide
AZUR HydroPack IFU


RX ONLY. Refer to the product labels and package insert for complete warnings, precautions, potential complications, and instructions for use.

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  2. AZUR HydroPack IFU100206 Rev A Revised 2023-02