The Terumo F·I·T· System Simplifying Challenging Anatomies


FINECROSS® M3 Coronary Micro-Guide Catheter, RUNTHROUGH® IZANAITM Coronary Guidewire, and the TAKERU® PTCA Balloon Dilatation Catheter; engineered to provide an innovative balance of properties for the simple to complex PCI procedures.

FINECROSS® M3 Micro-Coronary Guide Wire

Optimal guidewire support and superior crossability compared to leading competitors1



RUNTHROUGH® IZANAI™ Coronary Guidewire

Seamless fusion of two proven guidewire metals provides 1:1 torque response for steerability, pushability and trackability1


TAKERU® PTCA Balloon Dilatation Catheter

Featuring the tighest re-wrap to support re-crossability within the same procedure1



F.I.T. vs. Leading Competitors

Logo for FINECROSS® M3 Coronary Micro-Guide Catheter

Finecross M3 — Best in Class Lubricity

Chart –Best in Class Lubricity

Runthrough Izanai —Lubricity Tortuous Anatomy

Runthrough Izanai – 1:1 Torque Control

Runthrough Izanai – Rail Support

Takeru—Crossing Profile

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In addition to uniquely designed radial access solutions, Terumo offers industry-leading professional eduction for coronary procedures.  Check out our latest offerings!



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