RUNTHROUGH® NS Extra Floppy Coronary Guidewire

Product Overview

Designed to be your first choice coronary guidewire

The RUNTHROUGH NS Extra Floppy is designed to be an all-in-one workhorse wire with a soft, atraumatic, low tip weight wire that can be used to access most everyday and complex lesions.

Nitinol core-to-tip design for excellent tip durability - This feature enables a single RUNTHROUGH wire to be used for multiple vessels potentially reducing a facility's wire usage, saving both time and money.1

Direct Joint – Duo Core™ Technology - Innovative technology enables connection of two different metal characteristics. This seamless fusion of two proven guidewire metals provides 1:1 torque response/steerability, pushability and trackability.1

Balance of hydrophilic and hydrophobic coating - "M-coat" technology hydrophilic coating over the distal 24.8cm of the distal tip enables smooth trackability in the tortuous anatomy while the silicone tip on the distal 2mm provides tactile feedback and system support for device delivery.1


1. Data on file.

RX ONLY. Refer to the product labels and package insert for complete warnings, potential complications, and instructions for use.


Product Code Diameter Length Tip Radiopacity Tip Shape
25-1011 0.014" 180cm 3cm Straight
25-1013 0.014" 300cm 3cm Straight
25-9092 0.014" 150cm N/A N/A