AZUR® CX Peripheral Coil System



A unique combination of coil design and hydrogel technology

Product Overview

AZUR CX Peripheral Coil System - Introducing the first and only...peripheral coil with cross-sectional coverage and the benefits of Terumo patented hydrogel technology

Soft, Flexible Design

  • Terumo patented hydrogel technology1 on the inside provides a soft feel
  • Use directly out of the package—no prep required
  • 20-30 minutes of repositioning time

Terumo Patented Hydrogel Technology

  • The porous surface of hydrogel provides a biologicallyinert scaffolding for natural tissue proliferation1 which may lead to less coil compaction and recanalization2
  • Allows for mechanical occlusion-less reliance on thrombus for embolization
  • Has a solid core upon hydrogel expansion which, unlike thrombus, will not be absorbed by the body1,2
  1. Pelage JP. Angiographic and Pathologic Comparison of HydroCoils vs. Fibered Coils Mechanisms of Occlusion and Mid-Term Recanalization in an Animal Model. GEST. 2012. (animal study)
  2. Plenk H, Killer M, Richling B. Pathophysiologic considerations on HydroCoil- and platinum coil-occluded retrieved human cerebral aneurysms. Presented at ASITN MicroVention Symposium. 2005. (in-vivo study)

AZUR CX Peripheral Coil System .018"

Product Code Description 1/BX
45-780413 AZUR CX Detachable 018 4mm x 13cm
45-780516 AZUR CX Detachable 018 5mm x 16cm
45-780620 AZUR CX Detachable 018 6mm x 20cm
45-780724 AZUR CX Detachable 018 7mm x 24cm
45-780828 AZUR CX Detachable 018 8mm x 28cm
45-780928 AZUR CX Detachable 018 9mm x 28cm
45-781032 AZUR CX Detachable 018 10mm x 32cm
45-781238 AZUR CX Detachable 018 12mm x 38cm
45-781434 AZUR CX Detachable 018 14mm x 34cm
45-781639 AZUR CX Detachable 018 16mm x 39cm
45-781836 AZUR CX Detachable 018 18mm x 36cm
45-782040 AZUR CX Detachable 018 20mm x 40cm

AZUR CX Peripheral Coil System .035" Product SKUs

Product Code Description 1/BX
45-750407 AZUR CX Detachable 035 4mm x 7cm
45-750511 AZUR CX Detachable 035 5mm x 11cm
45-750609 AZUR CX Detachable 035 6mm x 9cm
45-750617 AZUR CX Detachable 035 6mm x 17cm
45-750812 AZUR CX Detachable 035 8mm x 12cm
45-750824 AZUR CX Detachable 035 8mm x 24cm
45-751019 AZUR CX Detachable 035 10mm x 19cm
45-751324 AZUR CX Detachable 035 13mm x 24cm
45-751632 AZUR CX Detachable 035 16mm x 32cm
45-752039 AZUR CX Detachable 035 20mm x 39cm

Detachment Controller for use with Detachable Systems

Product Code Description - Pack of 5
45-4001 AZUR Detachment Controller