Product Overview

Go where you need to go. See what you need to see.

  • 25cm distal taper designed to minimize vessel trauma and may improve selectivity of vessels  
  • Wide selection of tip angles, including the unique double angle, to help navigate and select even the most acutely angled vessels
  • Terumo Glide Technology hydrophilic coating 
    • Unique hydrophilic coating has been imitated but never equaled   
    • Consistent performance given superior lubricity retention1 designed to minimize slide resistance

1 Niazi K, Farooqui F, Devireddy C. Comparison of Hydrophilic Guidewires Used in Endovascular Procedures. Journal of Invasive Cardiology. 2009;21:397-400


Product Code Diameter Total Length Flexible Tip Length Grind Length Radiopaque Length Tip Shape
RG*GA1818SA 0.018" 180cm 25cm 25cm 20mm 45° Angle
RG*GE1818SA 0.018" 180cm 25cm 25cm 20mm 90° Angle
RG*GW1818SA 0.018" 180cm 25cm 25cm 20mm 90° / 45° Double Angle
RG*ES1818SA 0.018" 180cm 25cm 25cm 20mm Straight / Shapeable