PRIORITYONE® Aspiration Catheter

Product Overview

The deliverable solution for thrombus removal

PRIORITYONE AC is an aspiration catheter with a guidewire-style stylet technology and a fully braided stainless steel shaft improving deliverability through superior distal kink resistance in difficult clinical scenarios.

In-built guidewire style-stylet for kink resistance and optimal deliverability: The inbuilt guidewire-style stylet provides kink resistance and features a floppy distal segment which facilitates improved trackability to reach further into the tortuous anatomy.

Full braided stainless steel shaft for added pushability: PRIORITYONE AC has full body stainless steel braiding with variable stiffness - a stiffer proximal end for added pushability and a more flexible distal end for added trackability.

Unique beveled tip design for effective aspiration: PRIORITYONE AC has a short, rounded and flexible tip design that facilitates effective aspiration and aids in deliverability.

Data on File, Terumo Corporation. Testing compares the performance of PriorityOne to 4 market leading aspiration catheters. PriorityOne Bench Testing - Test Report Final.doc (dated 09/30/2014)


Product Code Length Rapid Exchange Segment Radiopaque Marker Guide Catheter Compatibility Wire Compatibility
30-6100 140cm 9cm 1mm 6Fr (I.D. >0.070 inch / 1.78mm) 0.014" (0.36mm)
30-7100 140cm 9cm 1mm 7Fr (I.D. >0.080 inch / 2.03mm) 0.014" (0.36mm)

Other Product Specifications

Tip Length 6mm
Coating Hydrophilic
Positioning Marks 10cm single white marker located 90cm from the distal tip