Peripheral Intervention Devices

TERUMO provides a variety of tools and technologies to assist in peripheral interventional cases, including PTA balloon dilatation catheters and a peripheral stent.

PTA Balloon Dilatation Catheters

METACROSS RX PTA Balloon Dilation Catheter

A complete line of Rapid Exchange (RX) and Over-the-Wire (OTW) PTA balloon dilatation catheters are available in a range of wire compatibilities (0.035”, 0.018”, 0.014”). Pushability, crossability, and deflation time features support the physician’s choice of Terumo PTA balloon dilatation catheters in peripheral procedures. Terumo’s METACROSS®, CROSSTELLA™,  and CROSPERIO™  PTA balloon dilatation catheters are complementary  to Terumo’s GLIDEWIRE ADVANTAGE® guidewire portfolio, and are also used in conjunction with the MISAGO® RX Self-expanding  Peripheral Stent.

Peripheral Stent

MISAGO RX Peripheral Stent

The MISAGO® Self-expanding Peripheral Stent embodies unique features that are useful for physicians during peripheral procedures. These features include Rapid Exchange (RX) delivery, a compact ergonomic handle, accuracy of stent delivery, and non-longitudinal spine-free connections. The MISAGO® Peripheral Stent is a great addition to Terumo’s comprehensive toolset for peripheral cases, including guidewires, catheters, sheaths, and PTA balloon catheters.