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AZUR Pushable 18 Peripheral Hydrocoil Embolization System

The AZUR pushable system works like traditional pushable coils with the added advantage of greater filling volume. Whichever option you choose, youíll benefit from AZURís unique hydrogel polymer technology. Once the coil is in place, AZURís hydrogel coating safely expands in the direction(s) of least resistanceóreducing leaks and maximizing mechanical occlusion, while decreasing the number of coils required.3,8,9,10

The challenge of occluding vascular lesions calls for volume, safety, stability, and control. The AZUR Peripheral HydroCoil Embolization System meets all of these requirements with unprecedented efficacy and efficiency. Thanks to a unique hydrogel polymer coating that expands when introduced into the bloodstream, AZUR delivers superior mechanical occlusion and provides a scaffolding for stability through increased filling with fewer coils than previously required.1,2

The Technology of Expansion

AZUR Peripheral HydroCoil Embolization System combines a platinum coil and an expandable hydrogel polymer. In concert, these elements provide a uniquely stable and permanent platform for blood stasis, thrombus organization, and neointima formation. AZURís hydrogel coating expands by 80% within 3 minutes and by 100% within 20 minutes. The result is greater filling and mechanical stability with fewer coilsónearly 5 times more filling volume for the 0.018" coil and 4 times more filling volume for the 0.035" coil (versus platinum coils of the same size). In other words, AZUR works harder so you donít have to.

Once expanded, the hydrogel remains soft and compliant. The hydrogel is an inert substance that:5,6

  • Does not contain or produce biologics
  • Is not associated with any known toxicity, in-vivo material hypersensitivity, or interaction with other embolic agents
  • Will not degrade or break down

AZURís unique overcoil is designed to enhance trackability, deliverability, and repositioning ability. The AZUR Peripheral HydroCoil Embolization System is not just a new product; it is the next generation of embolic coils. Once youíve tried it, youíll agree that it renders all other coils obsolete.

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