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AZUR Framing Coil

The AZUR detachable system is the first product in the industry to offer detachment in less than a second at the push of a button. An LED confirms that the detachment mechanism has been activated. Ideal for high-flow areas and challenging anatomies, the AZUR detachable system provides a whole new level of control. Using the AZUR Detachment Controller, you detach the coil only when it is properly in place. By empowering you to retract and reposition the coil until you are thoroughly satisfied with the placement, the detachable system minimizes the risk of coil migration.

When you need more than three minutes of positioning time to place your first coil, start with the AZUR® Framing Coil.

The AZUR Framing Coil used first, followed by the AZUR® Peripheral HydroCoil® Embolization System, creates the perfect solution for coil embolization cases.

  • True detachable system utilizes the AZUR Detachment Controller:
  • Ready to use, no device preparation
  • Better control facilitates repositioning of the coil
  • Retrievability prior to detaching

The Framing Coil offers:

Versatile Framework

  • Designed to reduce compartmentalization and provide greater coverage with a three-dimensional approach to embolization
  • Provides even distribution of coil loops at the lesion
  • No time restriction related to the hydrogel expansion

Enhanced Stability

  • Each successive loop gently rotates course, changing direction as it is deployed
  • Longer coils for added stability (up to 50 cm)

Superior Conformability

  • Without assuming a predetermined three-dimensional shape, the AZUR Framing Coil is able to conform to diverse morphologies
  • Facilitates placement of multiple consecutive framing coils

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