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Terumo's new VADO® Steerable Sheath is the first and only design on the market that does not use pull wires for deflection.  Our patented TruVectorTM technology is a unique design that uses connected coaxial lumens reinforced with Kevlar® to provide superb stability in all planes.  As opposed to traditional pull wire based designs, you can rotate the VADO® 360° without torque buildup which results in catheter whipping, thus helping you navigate the ablation catheter with precision while creating continuous, smooth lesions.  Highly sensitive handle to tip response puts you in the driver’s seat, providing precise torqueability and maneuverability for even the most challenging cases.


Experience the stability you would expect in a fixed curve sheath with the freedom to operate a deflectable sheath. With the only design on the market that allows full degree of shaft rotation without torque buildup that causes whipping, you can navigate any area of the heart with confidence.


Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing the Terumo steerable sheath will stay true to form during your entire procedure, even when challenged with a dilator. Whether you are at the start or toward the end of your case, you can be confident in knowing your sheath has not suffered any loss in performance.


Consistent and dependable tissue contact is essential for efficient lesion creation. The VADO® Sheath delivers dependable contact both in-line and at 90 degrees, helping deliver therapy even in difficult to reach areas, such as the right inferior pulmonary vein.

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Read about the first experiences with the VADO sheath from physicians.

Initial Human Experience of a Novel Steerable Sheath for AF Ablation with Circumferential PV Isolation | EP Lab Digest

The VADO® Sheath was different from previous sheaths used at our institution, because the steerable design did not require pull-wires to create tip deflection. The 8.8F ID sheath design employs truVectorTM technology with a coaxial lumen, an inner shaft and outer shaft, bonded together at the distal tip and attached to two reference locations at the proximal end within the handle. Similar to existing steerable sheaths, tip deflection is achieved by rotating a knob on the sheath handle. In contrast to pull-wire designs, the VADO® Sheath handle mechanism creates proximal tension on the inner shaft resulting in unilateral tip deflection since the two shafts are joined distally. This action pulls on the inner shaft, which causes tip deflection up to 270˚ (Figure 2). By eliminating pull-wires, the VADO® Sheath provides stable tip deflection during catheter rotations and improves torque transfer to the distal catheter.

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