NAVICROSS® 0.018” Support Catheter

Product Overview

NAVICROSS® 0.018” -- Coming Soon

Master your procedures with precise performance


•    Double-braided stainless steel

Engineered for optimal pushability and torque control for lesion crossing


•    Telescoping Capability

NAVICROSS® 0.018” is designed to telescope through NAVICROSS® 0.035”


•    Straight and Angled Tips

Tips allow access to vascular branches, including BTK collaterals


•    Three Radiopaque Markers

  • Markers facilitate accurate assessment of position
  • Unique spacing provides easy measurement of common stent and balloon sizes
  • Initial marker is 1 mm from distal tip; 40 mm and 60 mm spacing


RX ONLY. Refer to the product labels and package insert for complete warnings, precautions, potential complications, and instructions for use.

Product Codes

NAVICROSS® 0.018" Support Catheter - Coming Soon

Product Code Wire Compatibility Catheter Length Tip Shape
NC18650 0.018" 65 cm Straight
NC18651 0.018" 65 cm Angle
NC18900 0.018" 90 cm Straight
NC18901 0.018" 90 cm Angle
NC18130 0.018" 135 cm Straight
NC18131 0.018" 135 cm Angle
NC18150 0.018" 150 cm Straight
NC18151 0.018" 150 cm Angle