Following proposal submission. TMC will provide an email acknowledgement. You may contact the clinical affairs department at should you fail to receive an email confirmation or have additional questions.

Upon receipt, each proposal will be reviewed by our Clinical Affairs (CA) department for completeness and satisfaction of all proposal requirements.  Should additional information or clarification be required, the CA department will contact the investigator and/or institution until all discrepancies are resolved.   Please note that such discrepancies may result in delay of your proposal review and/or approval, therefore, we strongly encourage thorough review of your proposal form for completeness prior to submission.

Following initial review, the proposal will then be reviewed by the TMC Grant Review Committee.  The Grant Review Committee will evaluate the proposal for eligibility, scientific merit, and compliance with TMC’s IISR policy.  Please note review and approval by the Grant Review Committee takes approximately 4 weeks from initial CA review, however, may vary based on the availability of committee members, volume of proposals at the time of submission and complexity of your proposal.