About Access

The endovascular procedure is the most common method today for diagnosing and treating a wide range of vascular vessel and organ disease states.  For endovascular procedures in the head, feet, or virtually anywhere in between, getting there is done through vascular access.

However, recent advances in techniques and tools now permit a much wider range of options for vessel access compared to the traditional femoral artery or vein. Now physicians are making greater use of alternative access sites such as the radial, tibial and pedal vessels.

Whether the focus is on minimizing complications or providing a more direct or procedurally advantageous approach, these alternative sites are being accessed through products that in many cases have been specifically designed with that site in mind.

Exploring the options of micro-macro, Terumo provides products which have been engineered to address the details.  Needles with specially designed back bevel cut helps facilitate a straighter entry when targeting vessels that lie deeper in the body, such as the femoral artery. Introducer sheaths are no longer considered hollow tubes, but are designed for specific applications that make them more slippery or allow them to expand to a predictable operating profile to accommodate a large device.  Vessel access is where complications can and do occur; therefore using the right tool for the right vessel is paramount.  Check out Terumo’s wide range of vessel access solutions.