Vascular Surgery Symposium

Special Featured Program

May 3-4, 2019

Master advanced techniques when performing a variety of endovascular interventions, with a focus on arterial peripheral intervention for PAD and CLI as well as embolization in high flow areas. Explore cutting-edge interventions and refine techniques for established procedures, such as radial access for peripheral interventions and pedal access for Critical Limb Ischemia interventions. Cultivate a broad knowledge for the complete management of Type II Endoleaks. Participate in hands-on experience with clinical modeling and interact with peers in small-group discussions.


  • Engage confidently in complex cases using up-to-date tools and techniques for transcaval, SMA, IMA, and direct stick embolization.
  • Optimize device selection and learn effective catheter and wire manipulation for multiple procedures, including pedal access for Critical Limb Ischemia (CLI) interventions.
  • Refine your skills utilizing multiple, disease-state specific simulators and lifesize models.

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